Clincher vs. Tubular Bike Tires | Complete Tri - vintage clincher tire


CLINCHER BLACKWALL VINTAGE TIRE by Wards Riverside - Performance Plus Tire vintage clincher tire

Coker Tire is the world leader in authentic clincher tires for antique vehicles. The Firestone vintage X-tread Clincher tire is great for antique.

Depend on Coker Tire Company for selection and service of authentic antique motorcycle tires. Speak to a Tire Expert for more information on clincher.

26x3 MC Clincher Rim. $165.00. 385x20 MC Clincher Rim. $175.00. 26x2 1/2 MC Clincher Rim. $175.00 30x3 1/2 Model T Cad Plated Clincher Rim. $260.00.

Clincher wheelset or tubular, a look at the best option to buy either a clincher wheelset or a set of tubular wheels for your vintage bike.