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GOODBAR sale puppies, photo dogs, French Bulldog Pedigree DataBase, matings, Sex: male. Date of Birth: 4 NOV 2013. Date of Death: Land of Birth: USA.

GLENGRACIE FORMULA ONE. Mother: TRAKSIDE CONUNDRUM. Datebirth: 03.03.2016. Sex: Male. Color: Brindle. Breeder: Kennel "Trakside" Mrs E BOYCE.

Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977) self-loathing lover Gary (Tom Berenger) during sex at the film's conclusion. Earlier . Seeing Eye Dog Attack on Blind Master.

Shania Twain & her GSD Tim White Shepherd, Dog Bread, Celebrity Dogs, . Looking for Mr Goodbar is a 1977 American drama film, written and directed by.