Loofah Sponge Facial Scrub Pads 3pk | Biome - loopha facial pad


Loofah Facial Pad – Nardo's Natural, Organic Skincare loopha facial pad

Facial loofah pads might be the exfoliating step that you're missing in your skin- care routine. Find out why you should try one these facial.

Loofah facial buffs and bath pads. Exfoliating loofah on the front, soft terry cloth with an elastic strap on the back.

First, this is your moms loofah's: Old school, scratchy loofah that is less than ideal for your face. But far more importantly is the fact that they smell horribly.

Amazon.com: 6 pcs/set 4"×4" Natural Exfoliating Face Pad Loofah Sponge Facial Brush - Shower Scrubber - Body Bath Spa For Men & Women, Renewable.