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View Our Striped Oilcloths Collections and many more Oilcloth collections The Striped oilcloth fabric is waterproof and wipe-able, due to its plastic (PVC) coating , on sales please call 01253 207266662 or email: [email protected]

Buy Oilcloth Fabric And Tablecloth Online From Only Oilcloths. Brighten Up Your Home With A Fabulous Striped Oilcloths. 12 Products Oilcloth fabric UK coated. All of our oilcloths are made from cotton fabrics which are coated in the UK.

Wipe clean oilcloth fabric is perfect for making mats, runners and tablecloths - striped oilcloth in lovely bright stripes. UK.

Italian linen oilcloth coated twice with acrylic; Extremely durable and stain resistant; Has a low sheen non shiny matt finish and drapes like a linen table cloth.