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Minor league baseball player's wife, baby, mother-in-law killed at their home: Sheriff - ABC News flee nude old

Virginia State Police confirm that 19-year-old Matthew Bernard is in custody. WSET was standing in the media staging area when Bernard ran past reporters naked, attacked a church groundskeeper, and authorities chased him down the street before macing him and using a stun gun.

Naked teen filmed fleeing police 'after killing his mother, sister, and her 1-year- old son'. Bernard and bivens. Mathew Bernard ran from police.

WATCH Naked murder suspect ran through streets in Virginia on Wednesday accused of murdering three people after he fled while naked.more + 62-year- old Joan Bernard; Matthew Bernard's sister, 25-year-old Emily.

He was seen running naked before being arrested. An 18-year-old Virginia man was wanted for the murder of his mother, his sister, and his.