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Why You Should Grab Her Ass More | Girls Chase pinching her ass

Matt Lauer was fired from the “Today” show Wednesday for inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace, but his former co-anchor Katie Couric claimed five years ago he had an “annoying” habit of pinching her butt. Couric, who co-hosted the NBC morning show for nine years.

A 2012 clip of TV anchor Katie Couric resurfaced online, just hours after journalist Matt Lauer was fired from NBC amid sexual misconduct.

DUDE that's like totally not cool!! In this video our feisty volunteer refuses to be surrounded by these "perverts" on stage, and in an attempt to.

So, let's get to why and how you should be grabbing her ass more. .. but if you have a girlfriend, pinching, slapping, and grabbing her ass should be normal.