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A derogatory title regarding someone who goes out of their way to be a jerk. Their single purpose in life is to cause trouble and bring misery to the people around.

Oh bloody arse biscuits. Get a arse biscuits mug for your Uncle Paul. 2 #arse #biscuit#butt plug#bum cake#ass cream An arse biscuit is usually an insult, it basically translates as your the piece of shit, hanging from someones arse hair.

One user was quick to point out that “ass” is short for “assorted”. picture of a Spar biscuit display with the description “giant ass biscuits R7.49”.

Address. Kingsport, Tennessee Big Ass Biscuits, Kingsport, Tennessee. A biscuit place out of biscuits is like Taco Bell being out of tacos or Burger King out .