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Cranial sutures work collectively to distribute strain throughout the reptile skull split sutures in skull in adult

Separated sutures are gaps that can appear between the bones in an infant's skull. Learn more about the causes and signs of this serious condition.

Separated sutures are abnormally wide spaces in the bony joints of the skull in an infant.

This allows the bone to enlarge evenly as the brain grows and the skull expands. The result is a symmetrically shaped head. Some sutures extend to the.

Persistent frontal suture in adult human skull. Details. Identifiers. Latin, sutura frontalis. TA · A02.1.03.007 · FMA · 52989 · Anatomical terms of bone. [edit on Wikidata]. The frontal suture is a fibrous joint that divides the two halves of the frontal bone of the skull in.