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boyfriend/girlfriend survey stolen from MYSPACE: glass_doll — LiveJournal myspace adult relationship survey

1- Would you rather have a fun fling or a lasting relationship? . if its less than 4ish years for teens or 10 for adults, then yes. otherwise, fuuckk noo. for good or goes to jail or you met them on MySpace and they live a million miles away.

A 'Throwback Thursday' Survey Like From The MySpace Days. Townsquare . No, relationships are learning experiences and were right for their time. 65. . Loved flying as a kid but it makes me nervous as an adult. 164.

Rating: Any, G, PG, R. Tags: adult [+][-] B-Humbles 2009 Myspace Survey. Have You [+][-] Another one of Monica's bizarre, random, and grown up surveys.

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