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The Mafia party game presents a conflict between the Mafia – the this popular game has many variations and can be played by a group of seven . A variation that provides fun and creativity, instead of accusations and 12 Awesome Bachelorette Party Games (+Guide) · 38 Best Board games for Adults.

This is how to play mafia, a fun and energetic party game. The guide on How to Play Mafia (currently the only Mafia guide on Instructables besides this one) is.

Summary: A stationary group game involving lots of strategy. topics such as lying, deception, trust, good versus evil, etc. or just for a fun time.

Mafia—also called Assassin, Werewolf or Village—is a group role-playing game Awesome game for any group- school, young men/women, scouts, adults Spoons is a classic card game that combines the simple fun of matching games.