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[Intro/Talking:] Yeah. It's the R. 40 ounces of mo liqor make me wanna take some if it. [Verse 1:] See I roll aroun sittin on dubs cat n I I was high on shrubs. Coolin'.

(I Wanna) Piss On You by Dave Chappelle – lyrics, video. One of my all-time favorite videos is Pee on You (Piss on You) by Dave Chappelle.

"I Wanna Pee On You" as written by and Damon Rochefort Byron A. Stingily. Well let's start here at the beginning of my lyric, to be too bad to rhyme is not a.

I want to p*ss on you. Yes I do, I'll p*ss on you. I'll pee on you [Verse 2] It's your body, your body. Is a portapotty. When I pee I kick. I'm gonna do karate on your.