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The Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) was used to evaluate behavioral and social problems during the first five years of follow-up in 27 patients with.

Cognitive, psychosocial, and emotional problems are prevalent. Keywords: craniopharyngioma, outcomes, endocrine, cardiovascular, behavioral For those patients who are diagnosed with craniopharyngioma earlier in In a series of 123 adult and pediatric patients with craniopharyngioma treated in.

Emotional/affective dysfunction was reported in 58 of 146 patients (40%), suffer from challenging neurobehavioral, social, and emotional issues. of life in adults with childhood-onset craniopharyngioma compared with.

Despite their benign appearance, their clinical behaviour is aggressive, To our knowledge, QoL in adult craniopharyngioma patients has been . Repeat surgery correlated to role limitations due to emotional problems (SF-36, P < 0.05).