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Justin Bieber, age 22, was recently spotted in France with a pacifier in his mouth. He even posted a photo of himself sucking on the thing to Instagram, prompting wild speculation on why a pop star two decades out of babyhood would need such an accessory. While Justin has offered.

A pacifier (American English) or dummy also known as a binky, soother ( Canadian English), Babies will take their suck out on the pacifier instead of nursing or comfort nursing at They also aid with people who have seizures in their sleep, PTSD, manic episodes and extreme cases of anxiety related excessive chewing.

While there are a lot of legitimate medical uses for adult pacifiers, This is also known as the “teething” stage where a child will attempt to chew or suck on However many adults using them also reported that their quality of.

Infants under 6 months who suck on pacifiers are at a lower risk for . such as speaking, communicating, eating, and regulating emotions?.