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Initial Exploration; Extract individual images of Sea Lions from Training Set; Train a classifier input/Train/*.jpg'), key=lambda name: int(os.path.basename(name )[: 4])) ..[index]) # (w, h) = image_dot_col.size box = (2800, . The different types of sea lion are: adult males (also known as bulls).

Learn how to detect and extract facial landmarks from images using The indexes of the 68 coordinates can be visualized on the image below: to the format (x, y, w, h) as we would normally do However, in OpenCV, we normally think of a bounding box in terms of .. --image images/example_01.jpg.

Learn how to compare two images by computing image differences two images with Python using the Structural Similarity Index (SSIM). .. We store relevant (x, y)-coordinates as x and y as well as the width/height of the rectangle as w and h. Finally, we show the comparison images with boxes around.