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Mosquito ringtones emit high-frequency tones that are inaudible by adults but can be heard by teenagers. The high-frequency tones (or mosquito ringtones) are those above 17kHz. Below are file downloads in MP3, WAV for windows based phones, OGG (Ogg Vorbis audio format), and M4R.

I have always liked the form of the classic dual bell alarm clock, but the Load up any MP3 that you like, the smooth sound of the ocean or your.

Dawn chorus with bellbird/korimako in the foreground (MP3, 1,853K) (opens in new 02:25 – Adult male blackbird and many other birds giving song in garden surroundings. 01:22 – Adult sitting in a tree near a track giving an alarm call.

2000 MS-092 MP3 Clock - The first and only digital recordable alarm clock in the market with patent. 2002 MS-628 e-Book - The first digital recordable audio.